Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Mary Portas and Margate shops

O have spent the morning listening to BBC Radio 4 and a programme about High streets up and down the country.Mary has put together a list of recommendations and these all need looking at and acting upon. Our High streets here in Thanet are in a mess but we are doing something about changing things. I hope the new council administration is up to the job. I have no answers but I started working after school in a shop some 40 years ago and the world has change an awful lot in those years. Margates Old Town has become our very own Cultural centre and it enhances the Turner Centre and the Harbour. I for one am pleased to live in Thanet and I see green shoots of growth but when you listen to some people the glass is half empty.


  1. I too listened with interest. I think we have to accept though, that the 'High Stret' in the format that we remember it, has gone forever. The shops will either end up converted to domestic residences or as a cultural center/tourist attraction along the lines of Market Street, a group of shops which I understand are mostly on short term rental and will have to survive the winter months with limited footfall. I hope to be proved wrong, but think we will see a high turnover of businesses. The suggestion that markets will bring back the shoppers is daft. Shoppers who wish to go shopping will go the main shopping areas, it might have helped to swell numbers IF the shopping area was still viable. I cannot see the likes of M&S, Claires and the countless other companies who have decamped to Westwood suddenly thinking 'Hang on, a weekly market is being held in Margate High St. Lets open a shop down there again' It simply is not going to happen, attracting the shoppers back to the High Street can only happen if we have shops, and they are in a minority now.

  2. Paul I agree we will have fewer shops in the future because of the way modern shopping is undertaken. When I was a boy there was vitually a shop on every street corner and we lost those year ago, now is the turn of the High Streets to change.


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