Friday, 9 December 2011

Labour gain Thanet Councill

And to my mind they are welcome to it. Worrow got free parking for half an hour which is about the same length of time his fame will last and it is for car parks not the high street. He obviously has not heard of the David Cameron negotiating system but the he not having been a Conservative other than in name I doubt he has heard of  Cameron. So where will this leave us will we get Ramsgate Maritime museum reopened will the high streets be  filled with shoppers regenerating Thanets finances, will we see more Jobs in Thanet will Port Ramsgate suddenly  become a mecca for exporters will the Chinese build factories at Manston to house the endless cheap imports we GB. PLC keep asking for, I could go on but I am bored and Hart only took over last night. I doubt anything will change but if it does I am sure it wont be for the better.

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  1. Don I dont know how you managed all that typing I got bored reading it so you must have got bored typing it. What a load of tosh our councillors get up to.


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