Monday, 19 December 2011

Keep Calm and Have A Cupcake

George and Leanne came in laden with cupcakes fom the cupcake cafe this afternoon They didn't last long all we have now is empty wrappers empty boxes and smiling faces. Vist The CUPCAKE CAFE in Margate Old Town


  1. Never mind Mary Portas, Lisa Hemingway at Cupcake Cafe has shown the way.
    I can still recall when the business opened in the smaller shop next door to the present one [maybe 30 months ago] and then the big move and vote of confidence in both Old Town and her abilities by moving to the present shop.
    The Cup Cakes ARE superb, the staff are friendly and the success of the place means a bit of a wait at busy times.
    Just shows that when greasy spoon joints are a dime a dozen, a cafe/bistro with imagination and an original and positive theme can succeed.
    Now, if only they would PLEASE learn to fill the cups of black coffee right up to the top [If I only want half a cup, that's what I'll request] Great place for 'I Love Margate' souvenirs too.
    Happy Christmas to you and your family Don ... and to all your blog readers.

  2. Cheers Col maybe next year when the cold has been banished we can meet up down there. Have a great Christmas Col


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