Friday, 2 December 2011

Jeremy Clarkson uproar to defect guilt

yep I am with Jeremy on this one the comment was tougue in cheek but those who are complaining are doing so to deflect their own guilt at costing the country a fortune. Lets face it we are financialy on our knees both individualy and as a country and they add to the woe. They complain to much me thinks


  1. The over-reaction is absurd. Clarkson clearly wasn't being serious. The studio crew laughed at it. The funny thing about this is that this will only boost sales of his latest book...probably bought by those people who were so offended by him!

    The strike was unnecessary and not a last resort. Watching TV reports, some hospital staff instead of striking were working to rule, a far more appropriate form of action. Oh well. Im sure we'll all be having this debate again in six months time...

  2. Yep you are right James. My daughter recons all those on stike went and did their Christmas shopping.

  3. 21,000 complaints so far I bet they were all strikers


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