Saturday, 3 December 2011

Has Britain Lost its sense of humour overJeremy Clarkson

I just read on facebook over 21,000 complaints over the Jeremy Clarkson comments. I suggest  they get a sense of humour check. The comments were tongue in cheek and could never be taken seriously but evidently there are some people who support strikers bringing the country to a virtual stand still and costing GB-PLC half a billion pounds over their selfish actions. So Clarkson makes a stupid comment and all hell brakes out. I think we need more not less people.  Clarkson and less Political correctness


  1. The BBC should be broadcasting repeats of Love Thy Neighbour & The Wheeltappers & Shunters Social Club.

  2. Don during my life I have been both disabled and a professional god bothered.

    I went to the main boarding school for the disabled in the UK, where the most popular jokes were about the disabled, often in very bad taste and told by an individual suffering from symptoms that were the subject of the joke.

    When I was an Anglican contemplative our favourite film as a community was Life of Brian.

    I am very suspicious of any group in society that is unhappy about being the victim of a joke.

  3. How about "jokes" about disabled children (as some so-called comedians have recently done), do you find them acceptable Don? The fact is that whereas jokes about racial minorities & mother-in-laws are deemed unacceptable these days, it's now apparently ok to make jokes about killing people & the disabled. Have we really progressed?

  4. Or Peter Jokes about naturalists the problem is people have a very strange view of humour. Did you find clarkson funny or offensive? As I have said elsewhere this is to redirect the strikers guilty feelings awAY FROM THEMSELVES And make someone else feel guilty.

  5. It does seem that tongue in cheek remarks in this day can spark an avalanche of complaints and that some have totally lost the plot. I agree with Peter about the need for sensitivity at times, but Clarkson was hardly being serious about shooting people. It was a joke spotted as such immediately by the studio crew.

    We really do need to lighten up and I admire folk like the 'Four Poofs and A Piano' who can still poke fun at themselves.

  6. Jokes about naturalists? You mean David Attenborough?

    I didn't find it funny, nor would I find it particularly offensive in the context of his own show when people know what to expect. However I do (at the very least) think it was very inappropriate as a guest on a show broadcast at 6 O'clock in the evening.

    Anyway you didn't answer my question Don, are you OK with jokes about a disabled child (which I most certainly do find offensive), as Frankie Boyle has done recently? Or are these things OK in the right context?

  7. Peter just been on the MS disability joke site heres one for you it is wrong on so many levels I doubt you will enjoy it

    Blind Trip

    A coach driver is transporting a group of blind kids back from a school trip. It's a hot summer's day and he decides to stop for a break at a country pub. As the blind kids get out the coach he notices them carrying a football. "How are you gonna play football? You're blind", he enquires. "Oh we've got a special football with a bell in it", says one of the kids, "Go and have a drink, we'll be fine!"

    Slighty amused, the driver goes into the pub, gets a drink,and sits down to read the paper. Some time passes and a police officer enters.

    "Who's in charge of those blind kids outside?" asks the officer.

    "I am officer, is there a problem?"

    "A problem!? They've just kicked a morris dancer to death"

  8. Peter, with you all the way on jokes about disabled children and fail to see how such can be regarded as humour. However, jokes about adults' diversities, so long as not intended to insult, should be OK and were once very much part of UK life.

    I recall back in army days we had blokes called Jock, Taffy, Paddy, Mick, Geordie, Yorkie, Scouser, Darkie, Fatso, Big Smithy, Neurosis and Scrounger, whilst a cook who lost his leg below the knee in Ulster was given a knitted parrot to wear. I cannot recall anyone ever taking offence and our world was better for it.

  9. Oh I agree that there's too much political correctness. My own (white) mother was known for her big mop of curly hair during the 70s & had the nick name "Woggy" - and (from the mid 70s) she had a black husband! These days the BBC are too scared to show repeats of shows like "It Ain't Half Hot Mum" because it featured a white man blacked up to look Asian. Crazy...

  10. Peter, here is the problem with political correctness, I wonder in all the posturing if anyone has bothered to ask any disabled children, what they actually think about jokes about disabled children.

    As I have said before, I was disabled as a child and had to go to a special school for disabled children, where I and the other 350 or so disabled children, found these jokes highly amusing.

    I expect in the intervening 45 years things have changed and it is always possible that the disabled youf of today find this sort of thing highly offensive, but frankly it is their opinion that counts.

    Unless of course you think that you should loudly ask the person pushing the wheelchair and ignore them completely.

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  12. Well, they asked his mother...

    I'm talking about the "joke" regarding Jordan's / Katie Price's (or whatever she's calling herself now) son. Joking about disabled kids in general is perhaps a bit different to joking about a named individual.

  13. Don, Clarkson's joke like most of his was thoughtless and moronic, but that's what makes him popular and predictable.

    A while back he made a joke suggesting that lorry drivers were mass murderers, he should have been sacked for that but wasn't.

    On a good day Clarkson's funny on a bad which is most of them these days he is tired, boring and predictable.

    The Muppets at Unison were also boringly predictable, and funny in their own way, unlike Clarkson they'll never get sacked.


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