Thursday, 22 December 2011

Flybe to scrap its flights from Manston

I hate bad news and I really hate this news but Flybe are scrapping its flights from Manston. I relly believe Manston could be great but in these uncertain times they are finding it hard.


  1. A big blow to the airport. We know the passenger side has always been the weaker side but news like this is a real hit to the airport.

  2. Don says;

    " I relly believe Manston could be great but in these uncertain times they are finding it hard"

    Flybe says;

    "We tried different routes and the numbers simply weren't there. It's impossible to sustain routes without the passengers."

    "It is fair to say that Manston is one of the airports with the smaller catchment areas in the United Kingdom, and you have Gatwick not too far away."

    Who would you believe?

  3. 18:03 Quite obvious who you want us to believe but perhaps you can explain why just two weeks ago Manston airport security were conducting interviews for vacancies. Obviously they knew nothing about this impending decision which is suddenly taken when the job spoilers get control of TDC.

    Sure you will draw your own conclusions as I will mine!

  4. This is Worrows fault!!!!

  5. quite simple really. Manston are not the ones who have halted business. Flybe have.

  6. whats in it for flybe to blame manston's lack of passengers when if your shaggy dog story is correct, its all Clive Harts fault?

    Flybe fly during the day, not the night.

    stop talking nonsense and look at the facts

  7. The aircraft are not based at Manston which means the actual flight from Manston is the return flight. Due to that the time of departure is completely wrong when trying to tempt people to travel. I know many businessmen and women as well as general public that would have welcomed flights to Edinburgh, Dublin or Manchester if those flights had departed before 9am.

    Given the limited catchment (Manston is surrounded by sea on 3 sides) and that infrastructure doesn't currently support it Manston will always have problems launching passenger services.

  8. Unless there is a fast train to London a passenger service at Manston airport is not going to succeed, even then you would need a large operator rather than a small airline without financial clout.

    The only flights that the Manston operator wants is night time freight flown in by old noisy jumbos, hardly any new jobs but plenty of extra lorries on our roads.

    You do the maths.

  9. 1oclock Rob that is why we need the Parkway station, as always we get the infastructure after the event. Ramsgate Port tunnel and the road link for pfizer are in place now but not when they were needed. I have always been in support of the irport and remain so I hope the can find a rreplacement for flybe and get some proper services from Manston

  10. I think we're talking about 'local' jobs at the airport here Peter, not more over tired night time truckers.

  11. Lorries are an integral part of our economy. The transport industry is huge.

  12. Nothing will ever come of Manston because of the appalling negativity of attitude in Thanet. Deliberately fostered to gain political adantage, there is an element in Thanet that will vociferously oppose every regeneration idea from the Turner to Parkway, it matters not what.

    With this level of apparent opposition and one political party always seeking to side with those protestors, is it at all surprising that businesses lack the confidence to invest heavily for the long term in Thanet.

    The Thanet of my younger life was always blue politically and it was a better and flourishing place. For a host of reasons, the make up of Thanet has changed with the potential for uncertainty in calling election results. That uncertainty is the death knoll.

  13. See some Labour troll over on Big News is managing to blame Sir Roger for raising the issue of Manston in parliament but not Dreamland.


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