Friday, 16 December 2011

Computer scammer gets shock

The computer scammer got more than he bargained for this morning. I have warned you all before about the bogus caller who wants to fix your computer virus, well one called again today and my daughter answered the phone. He got a complete ear bashing from her before he put the phone down. I normally play them along to waste their time but she was like a Rottweiler and really bit into him. I have warned all my friends so tell all of yours to stay clear of cold callers saying your computer has a virus IT IS A SCAM check bbc website here for confirmation


  1. An additional pc based scam at the moment is one that pops a message up pretending to be from a Police force asking you to pay £100+ quid. Unfortunately the vast majority of these scams aren't caught by up to date anti-virus software.

  2. They aree driving me mad once or twice a day. Trouble is people do get scammed

  3. i think it it people who are new to computer technology most likely to be caught by scams. People like my pensioner mother who never understood how to change channel on sky, can't do txt messaging.
    Now she has an iPad as her first ever computer experience because she read about them being so easy to use in the Saga mag.


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