Monday, 12 December 2011

computer scam calls again

Two days running I have had calls from a foriegn sounding person claiming I have a virus on my comnputer. This scam is to get you to buy unwanted or need software over the phone from someone who claims you have a virus they have found on there system. I do know someone who paid them £100 to cure the  virus so they can seem plausable. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. It is a fraud if you check the web there are hundreds of pages hilighting this scam. Click here for BBC


  1. O yes get quite a few of these - When I ask for the number of their head office they usually hang up - had one t'other day claiming to represent an insurance claim firm - said I'd had an accident and been paid out for damage but I was due more and he had the papers - I strung him along for a while and he claimed to be working from Manchester - gave a postcode and an 0845 phone number - he got a bit annoyed when I said I hadn't had a car for 6 years - but you said I did - no you said I did - afterwards I googled the phone number and it belonged to a mortgage brokers in Ellesmere Port.

  2. The accident chaser is a bit different from the computer maintenance/virus scamers who's real aim is to get your credit card or bank detrails.
    Just tell them you dont have a computer.

  3. I play them along on the stupid assumption that the longer they spend with me the less time they have to find someone to steal money from. I am signed up to the telephone preference scheme sp when you dp as Gerald did and ask for a phone number and address the line goes dead. I feel sorry for those who like my friend who they do convince and manage to con lots of money out of them.


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