Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Abandonded trolley cant make it home

I wasnt going to do this post but having just read some of James Maskells posts on his blog 'Ville views I thought I might as well post it. Last week I accompanied my wife on her habitual jaunt to Tesco in Northdown Road. I sit in the car whilst she dashes in and liberates supplies to make dinner with. While sitting there I noticed a poor lonely abandonded shopping trolley of the Tesco variety. Now who ever had left it there must really have been in a hurry because it was only t the most 30 feet from saftey and the companionship of its friends inside the Tesco car park. But no it was abondonded to fend for itself in the road fighting off the advances of amourous cars and being used by seagulls as a perch. I would have returned it myself but pushing a trolley on crutches is an accident waiting to happen. I saw James post about the state of our streets in certain areas and came to the conclusion that the same people who litter our streets and gardens with their rubbish cant be bothered to walk a few feet to return a trolley I know what they are called but wont print it here LAZY B#'*+#~'s

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