Thursday, 24 November 2011

UK fish all sent abroad is Tesco to blame

I have often seen on TV food shows all the best fish caught in the UK is sent abroad, and watching Ade in Britain this afternoon it happened again. I know most of our prawns go overseas and now I find out that we send most of our cuttlefish abroad. In have never had cuttlefish but it is probable because it is all sent to Italy. In the main here in the UK we tend to do our shopping in Super Markets and that means we can only buy what they think we want. Super Market buyers want us to eat grade "A" fruit  and vegtables and If the buyers dont think we would buy certain things they wont stock it. I have been to Tesco today so I am not anti supermarkets just the way they only stock certain items, and the fact they dominate where people buy. That in turn makes smaller shops less able to compete and they are a large factor in why we are no longer a nation of shop keepers.


  1. More to the point, why is it impossible to buy fresh local fish from ANY shops in Thanet when it is possible in places like Whitstable?

  2. We used to have some fantastic fish mongers here in Thanet.I suspect it would be down to the supermarkets and peoples lack of support for the small local shopkeeper. Whitstable has a good fish market though. HMMMMMMMMMM FISH.


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