Monday, 21 November 2011

NHS is great, Canterbury hospital is fantastic

I had to go to hospital today. It was great I had an appointment in Canterbury at 10:15am and arrived at the car park at 9:45 and hunted a disabled car space, they were all taken so we parked in a small space and I struggled into my wheelchair,that was the only downer of the whole trip. I arrived at the reception desk ten minutes early sat and waited to be seen, got out my magazine and was called in early. I underwent my procedure and left. Reported back to reception and was given the dates and times of a further outrpatient appointment and for a repeat of todays procedure.We were back in the car by 11:00 and with a two further appointments. As I said the only fly in the ointment was paying £3.00 for 3 hours parking and was out in about an hour.


  1. I agree 100% :o) Disabled parking really is a problem at hospitals, though, isn't it ? My husband uses a wheelchair, too, although he still drives as he has hand controls on his car. The biggest issue isn't really having to pay to park, though, like many, I don't think anyone should have to at a hospital, it's that he needs the wider disabled bays to enable him to open his door wide enough to get out & to enable his wheelchair to be taken to the door so that he can get in to it.

    With hospital visits every month & sometimes 2 or 3 a month, it can get very expensive. BUT - we're so lucky with the NHS - there may be long waits at times, but in truth, how many of us could afford to pay for the procedures, operations, drugs etc that we need ?

  2. I agree with you we are so lucky with the NHS.I love it. Yes it is not the fact of paying, it is the space issue I really struggled getting out of the car into the wheelchair. Still I have done it maybe next time I will be lucky and get ba space.


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