Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Does anyone fancy doing a photoshoot for madam popoff vintage boutique

Does anyone fancy doing a photoshoot for madam popoff vintage boutique on asos marketplace this saturday?
Here is her web details for face book or google her  


  1. Forgive me, but this is a retail shop. A retailer presumably with an idea of how a busines runs.You offer a service and get paid for it. At the end of the week you hope to have enough money after expenses to put food on the table. I take it photographers are not considered to be 'a business' by this person as they expect to pay zero for the service of turning up, shooting for a period of time, editing, plus paying for their public liability/equipment insurance etc.

    Strange how certain professions are not considered professions by some people.

  2. Very true Paul, but as a photographer myself, models (no matter how inexperienced) are often complaining to me that photographers are always expecting their services for free, myself included! So I guess the same thing applies elsewhere.

    My photography is more of a hobby than a business these days, but a few years back (when I was trying to make money out of it) I'd weigh up events like this & see if I could use them to promote myself & my work, then perhaps at least do it for a reduced rate.

  3. Paul I would say that it was aimed at students rather than profesionals like your self and there is an oppertunity for exposure via magazines.

  4. Peter, As a photographer you will be very aware of the benefits of offering services for free when its a learning excercise for both the model and the photographer. Both people gain from the experience. This is normally treated as a hobbyist agreement, its how we all learnt, and Don, yes, students will prosper from this type of work too, but I have big reservations about this particular offer, even if you work for free as an amateur, read on :)

    A pro model deserves, and expects to be paid, they are a business and thats a service. Not only that, a pro model will move your work up to another level entirely and is worth the money as I am sure you would agree.

    My concern with this Facebook post is that we are on about a RETAIL establishment appearing to attempt to gain free work from someone. Not an amateur or a charity, a business which is out to make a profit.

    Lets look at the post, the images appear to be destined to sell their clothing on ASOS. This retailer I guess is hoping to increase sales, and in doing so make more money. Expenses are not even being covered here by the look of it.

    The promise of a 'mention' on a web site and the ability to use the pictures yourself is not a fair exchange. Perhaps before offering your services to this client for free, pop in and ask if you could choose an item from the shop for free, you will of course give free publicity to the shop by telling all your friends where you got it from :)

    On a more serious note.Damage your equipment whilst doing the job? will the shop pay for its repair or replacement? Your domestic insurance may not cover it either. Someone trips over your lighting stand/camera bag. What happens then? Is the shop covering you under their public liability insurance? Do YOU have PLI? After all - just because you offer to 'work' for free does not release you from the legal obligations that in the worst case scenario ends up with a massive legal bill.

    I am no way an old misery here, but I hate seeing people used. If you consider this is a good thing to be involved with, and you want to do it, then I wish you all the very best. Just think it through first...


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