Tuesday, 11 October 2011

where can I buy film

I want to keep my new adventure as local as possible so to use my first camera which is a 1962 TLR and I need some 120 film. Not only do I need the film, I need advice so I shall be taking my new toy to see the staff at  Henry's Photographic camera centre in Margate High Street. When I am there I can check out getting my efforts developed as well, I cant wait to get started. Check out my new Blog about my Camera Adventures


  1. Don last time I did this, not that long ago, fresh 120 film with a long expiry date on it was around £4 to £5 a roll, prices are about the same for colour and for black and white and slide film.

    Processing is another matter as most people still using this format have their own darkroom, getting the film processed is fairly straight forward and should cost about £5 a roll, however getting prints made from the film may be expensive.

    Assuming that you want to miss the darkroom bit out altogether you then have choice about what to do with the negatives, I think most commercial firms that print from film use a scanner to turn the negatives into a digital file and then print in the usual way. If you have a scanner with a light box then you can do this yourself.

    I packed up my darkroom when the definition of my digital camera became better that that of my film camera.

  2. I use dscolourlabs.co.uk
    They are good.

  3. Thanks, I dont have a scanner so it looks like dsclourlabs then, cheers folks

  4. Don

    The new FX (full frame 35mm)DSLR's take everyone into a new realm of photography. DSLRs are hamstrung from using the old filters though? Photofinishing in the desired affects frankly doesn't do it for me.

    A lot of debate goes on about Film v Digital, I have a foot in both camps as one size does not fit all. 120 film was always a great family film for good happy snaps. Does a Box Brownie 120 take better photos in the right hands it certainly does.

  5. Perhaps I will try a box brownie in my film advennture. I was only try film cameras of my age and its my birthday tomorrow.

  6. Swan photographic in Whitstable will process 120 film for £2.50 a roll, Canterbury cameras will professionally scan the negs for you, good luck!

  7. 12 October 2011 12:45
    any hands are better than mine when it comes to photography. It dont help that I shake with the MS. But I dont care any more it the fun of doing it that does it for me


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