Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Tory revolt for wrong reason

I had to smile over the Tory revolt over being in the EU. The EU is our closest neighbour and our biggest trading partner and they EU sceptics still want us to cut ties. I for one don't want out of Europe I do however want to cut some of the crap the EU passes as law. We have all heard about cant sell bent banana's or apples too red or you cant sell vitamins etc. etc. The rules and regulations are what we want to cut not our ties with Europe. Those MP's that are so in touch with there voters are asking the wrong question not should we leave Europe but should we change Europe. and change them to stop making stupid dictates that to my mind we enforce over enthusiastically. Health and safetly would be one to start with. What do you recon?


  1. Well said Don. There is so much crap on TV about the weakness of the EURO.

    Why, if the EURO is so weak is one EURO worth 90 pence now, when in 2002 the EURO was worth 62 pence

    Quantative Easing is a posh name for DEVALUATION that is why the POUND is so weak.

  2. I makes me laugh the way the media portrays things.


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