Thursday, 6 October 2011

Photography with film scary stuff

I have been digital for years, I cant remember the last film I bought, but I have gone and done it. I have bought an old film camera off of ebay. A 1962 Yashica TLR medium format film camera. I must be mad? digital is so easy and its instant but I am looking forward to it getting here and seeing the world from waist level. I dont quite know how I will fare seeing as I am in a wheelchair most of the time but I doubt it will make too much difference. I only got my first DSLR earlier this year so I am no David Bailey but I do enjoy taking pictures. Wish me luck, I will blog all of my exploits on here .


  1. Well done!
    Take a wander around the Lomography sites for ideas [but don't pay their prices!]
    I have just acquired a 54 year old Zeiss Ikon Nettar 35mm.
    It's good to reediscover the fun of film.

  2. Thanks Colin, I signed up to one of the Lomo sites and am unindated with emails and offers everytime I open my inbox. I aim to blog about my experiences and let others know about the joy of film.

  3. If you haven't already discovered it, take a wander around this US site at htpp://
    Some useful info there from time to time.
    Bset wishes again


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