Monday, 17 October 2011

Paul Clark Photography for Thanet

It is strange where you end up when Blogging, I had a comment on one of my blogs fom Paul Clark a photographer who comes from Margate,. As you know I try and promote all things Thanet so searched out his blog and facebook page, re tweeted a few of his tweets and added him on to Barneys Kent free ads site I then thought I may as well phone Paul and tell him what I had done. He is a nice guy and as we got talking about photography he told me he used to have a TLR like the Yashica I am testing on my Retro film Blog retro film camera adventures. As I said strange where eyou end up.


  1. Hey - and thanks for the mention. Great to talk to you too. So sorry I had difficulty hearing you - was in a lousy location. The TLR ranegefinder cameras are great fun and in this modern day and age will normally draw some comments from passers by. When I first started out I used three 'hand me downs' from my father including the Lubitel, Yashica and probably my all time fave the Zeiss Ikonta. I wonder how long before manufacturers cease production of film? I cannot see it continuing forever. So, enjoy the film experience and I look forward to hearing how you progress.

  2. Cheers Paul, I wish I had discovered photography earlier but now I am making up for lost time.


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