Friday, 21 October 2011

Margate Football club have your say

Margate Football Club public consultation

Thanet District Council is inviting public comment on proposals received from Margate Football Club for land at Hartsdown Park and Tivoli Park in Margate.

Thanet District Council owns both parks, parts of which have been leased to Margate Football Club since 1958. 

Margate Football Club have submitted proposals relating to use and occupation of the land.  They have requested to change the length of their current leases and to lease two new areas of the park, which would mean a change to a public open space.  The council now has a duty to consult on these proposals as part of its Asset Management Strategy. 

A plan of the proposals is available to view online or hard copies can be collected from any Thanet library or council office.  The consultation has been promoted by direct mail to the properties directly adjacent to Hartsdown Park and also to local community and interest groups.

Comments on the proposals must be submitted in writing to Consultation, Thanet District Council, PO Box 9, Margate CT9 1XZ or can be e-mailed to All comments must be submitted by no later than Monday 14 November 2011.

Feedback from the consultation will be considered at a meeting of the Cabinet in December where a decision will be made on the land management proposals.

Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, Cllr Simon Moores, said: “Although Margate Football Club have received planning permission for a redevelopment on this site, the council as landowner now has to consider public opinion before Cabinet makes a formal decision.  I’d like to encourage anyone with a view on these proposals to have their say before the consultation closes.” 

The proposals follow a successful planning application from Margate Football Club for a major new redevelopment on the site which was granted by the council’s planning department in 2005.  Although the plans were granted planning permission, the council has a separate duty as landowner of the site to seek public opinion on the land management proposals before final consent can be granted.

MargateFootball Club (MFC) Proposals:
  • MFC are requesting to change the lease they have currently on the football ground from 10 years to 24 years.
  • MFC wish to lease a new area of Hartsdown Park to construct a new football pitch.  MFC are requesting a lease of 24 years on the site of the new pitch.
  • MFC wish to lease a new area of Tivoli Park to extend current parking provision.  They are requesting a lease of 24 years on this site. (This additional parking provision would be for all users of the redevelopment as detailed below*).
  • MFC are requesting a new lease of 125 years on part of the football ground site currently leased to them.  This is for the construction of an 80 bedroom hotel*.
  • MFC are requesting a change to the lease on the existing five a side pitches and car park from 15 years to 24 years


  1. They should get together with Freshwater & build the hotel at Arlington House. That way everyone will be happy (apart from the people who are never happy that is).

  2. and there are lots of those in Thanet


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