Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Independant View is stark

I just read the council leader Bob Bayfords reply to an article in the Independant newspaper about Margate. Neither articles are inspiring. I read the reply first, I had found it on Michaels Thanet Press  Releases website. I then went on to the Independants article. It seemed correct yet offered no answers and while everyone seems to knock Margate I dont hear to many people with any ideas to turn things around. Yes the Old Town is doing well but the rest of Westbrook, the seafront and the top half of the town seen to be stuck. Ok Westwood Cross is taking trade away from the town centres but all the time landlords keep rents at unafordable levels no one will take shops on. TDC are doing what they can and we can do without  National papers poking their noses into Thanets affairs.

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