Monday, 25 July 2011

Turner Contemporary sucsess for Margate

A friend just called in for coffee and we got chatting about Margate Old Town since the Turner opened. He was amazed at how busy the Old Town has become, he wasn't an advocate of the idea of an art gallery before but admits it has made a big difference to Margate. I am so pleased the Turner has drawn the people in and when you look around Margate many of the new shops are reporting good sales so the visitors must be spending a few bob. I know the local hotels seem to be doing OK. my wifes aunt and uncle ended up having to stay at Manston when they visited recently so maybe the whole Island is benefitting from the Turner, all we need is some of the sucsess to rub off onto our football teams and the circle will be complete.


  1. That's great news for Margate. These popular places have a snowball effect for everyone around them. I hope its success continues. Denise xxx

  2. I visited it the other day and enjoyed my time there. The old town was busy and the formula seems to work. I have always supported the idea and as I tell my wife, I am always right.

  3. anon 23.20 Snap me to I am always right so long as I have my wifes permission


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