Thursday, 21 July 2011

Blink Margate spectacular event in August

I sort of knew this event was in the air so to speak. A couple of friends had mentioned it but untill I clicked onto a link on the Isleone blog site I hadnt seen anything. They have a great promotion video Clik here for the Isleone post. Blink Margate is set to be a fantastic event lighting up the skies of Margate seafront. Developed on partnership with                                                                    
Turner Contemporary        
Theatre Royal, Margate
Kent County Council
Thanet District Council
South East Dance
Thanet College
The Dreamland Trust
University of Kent
It looks like we are in for a great  night, a feast for us to celebrate the start of Thanet's Renaissance, a rebirth that began not with the opening of the Turner but with the foresite and balls of those brave enough to think Thanet could pull it off.We are a long way from there yet but to miss quote the great man Winston Churchill this aint the beginning of the end we aint at the end of the beginning yet Margate has loads of stuff to see and do this summer  the BLINK MARGATE WEBSITE EVENTS PAGE has a great list click the link to see WHATS ON IN MARGATE

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  1. I totally agree. It's great to know there are other 'positive' people out there supporting Margate too. Well done.


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