Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Thanet Earth Protests stage managed for video clip

I see the Youtube video of demonstrators at Tesco Westwood. The guy stage managed it to get his clip of the nasty security asking him to leave. Which on their own property they are perfectly within their rights to do so . So now having got his clip he has rushed home to put it on the Internet. I think some would bet he was running to the local Labour party office to upload it but obviously I have no evidence of this.I worked for myself for most of my life in the lower end of the pay scale often working for less than what would have been regarded as a minimum wage and happy to earn something to provide for my wife and children. Now I ask how many of these demonstrators were actually employee’s at Thanet Earth? My guess is not many if any. My other question is why are they here at this time? Which entirely by coincidence, coincides with the local election? Now is this a coincidence or is it by design? I have no way of knowing but being the cynic that I am I think how would this staged demonstration benefit anyone locally, and the only people it would benefit is someone in or seeking office onto the local council, because it is not helping Thanet Earth who stand at the whim of the supermarket. If the boss of Tesco Westwood stops stocking a locally grown tomato I don’t see other local growers filling the shelf space. If Tesco and other supermarkets stop stocking Thanet Earth tomato’s they wont make a profit and it will be cheaper to do the same as Pfizers and close the site down.
Now if that was to happen and Thanet Earth was to close and North Kent was to loose another 400 jobs will these demonstrators be paying the wages of those who at the end of the day are picking tomato's, a job which like most agricultural jobs are low paid. NO is the answer. The militants out there will demand that the employers pay more but I dont see any of those who are criticising Thanet Earth,  generating employment in the numbers Thanet needs or generating any employment at all. I hear plenty of criticism in Thanet, but Thanet Earth should be applauded for creating the jobs that they have and investing according to their website £100 million . The reason those who are working there at minimum wage is there are no other higher paid jobs out there, because if there was they would be gone. Thanet Earth would get nobody to pick the produce if they were not paying the going rate for the job.


  1. Are but, Don, it is election time where anything goes in a certain party's attempts to discredit the existing council, as though somehow anything at Thanet Earth must be their fault.

    You have the alliance of the insidious at work here with Labour, Unite and Thanet Action Group and to hell with jobs, its votes that count. Who really cares if everyone is unemployed as long as we are in power seems to be the attitude.

    I recall years ago in Africa, before the end of colonialism, some team from an American news channel showed some African children a large bag of sweets. They then threw the sweets in handfuls amongst some dustbins left out for collection. They filmed the resultant scramble and the headline that followed AFRICAN CHILDREN SCAVENGING FOR FOOD IN DUSTBINS IN A WHITE SUBERB.

    Same mentality I am afraid. Does it matter if the story is true as long as the photos depict the message you want to send.

  2. I will remember that one for future use. I cannot see what anyone is moaning about people are paid and thats it no one is holding a gun to their heads they are pleased to be working.

  3. Spot on, Don, and with Thanet Earth still struggling to make a profit how much aggravation are they going to take. It is the age old problem of the left to think the economic equation only consists of workers and that employers plus capital investors are an irrelevance to be constantly abused.

    Mind you, there prevails amongst many a sad attitude in Thanet which I know you try to combat. I grew up here, even when career took me away I regularly returned and I moved back as soon as I could. I love the place, but do we have some moaners who oppose everything and constantly slag it off.

    Mind you there seems to be hope. We have a really hardworking MP in Thanet South now and good things are starting to happen. Let's just hope that the spoilers do not get control of the TDC. We may knock them, as is our privilege, but they could be much worse.


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