Friday, 27 May 2011

Margate, something for the weekend?

I have been away for a break in Northumberland and have not been online sice I got back so I appologise for the lateness of this post but Margate has loads to offer for the Bank Holiday weekend. Come down and see the Carters Steam Fair who are on the Dreamland site, Dunkirk Little Ships at Ramsgate Royal Harbour, UK Windsurfing Association is holding rounds of the European Freestyle Pro Kids Tour at Minnis Bay Birchington,
 Life Drawing Classes at Marine Studios  Very close to the Turner Contemporary and Margates Old Town.
Fishing Trips (Half Day) at Sea Searcher Boat Trips From Ramsgate Harbour, Thanet has loads and Loads going on this weekend  visit our website that hi lites the events
I hope you have a great weekend.


  1. Hello Don, looks like a lovely weekend with all the activities. Very interesting. Thanks for stopping by on my brief history of the English language post. Yes why can't we all get along? But I'm proud to say that the University my daughter-in-law graduated - and also my son a few years ago - has the most ethnically diverse group of students in all of the US.

  2. Thats great Denise if people were more tolerant the world would be a better place.

  3. Hi Don

    Don't forget the Margate Meltdown on Monday, when thousands of motorbikes will come down to Margate from the Ace Cafe. Live music too!


  4. Colin I dont know about it I will try and go down and see them


  6. Colin just done a dedicated post for it have a good weekend.


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