Sunday, 8 May 2011


When I was a boy at primary school in the sixties one of my class mates had a design chosen for a buy British campaign I think it must have been around 1963 or 64. Well I would like to walk in his footsteps and encourage people to become a bit more introverted and think local buy British. Here in Thanet we have local vegetables and our local farmers market and places like Quex Barn that stock a lot of local produce. The local stuff helps your neighbours but the buy British bit helps the wider economy. If you are buying anything if there is a British equivalent. I know this is a simplified view but if every family in the UK spent an extra few pounds a year on British produced items and every firm in the UK bought British not only would be keep the Uk in business we would generate a few jobs into the bargain.


  1. Hear,hear I totally agree.

  2. If everyone was forced to eat French Golden Delicious apples for a week the sales of British apples thereafter would go through the roof. There are literally dozens of imported fruit and veg products that look perfect yet are utterly tasteless compared with the real thing from the farmer's markets.

    I'm with Don.


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