Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Turner Contemporary success

I have just managed to delete a whole post about the 45,000 visitors to the Turner and the local attractions and how by the Turner Contemporary being free to visit the local pubs and restaurants etc have benefited but having lost it I cant type it all again. Its 11.30 pm and I am going to bed


  1. Don help yourself to some pictures if you want to, or better still get down there and take some yourself. What a clot, deleting the post, after one or two incidents along the same lines, caused by shop, children and moving between computers I have taken to emailing my posts to myself before I post them.

  2. I was all proud of it as well I had mentioned the turner and the old town and ross and the SSSI's around Thanet and it was a long article.I was tired and not fully (am i ever)awake who is at 2.30 am


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