Sunday, 17 April 2011

Turner Contemporary Mobbed

Well the Turner Centre has opened I know its called the Turner Contemporary but everyone local calls it the Turner Centre. Well both Yesterday and today it has been mobbed. My son and his mates went down to have a look this afternoon and decided to go one day in the week because the queue was massive still at three in the afternoon. I am so pleased  and reading on facebook some of the local shops have done well, long may it continue.


  1. Really good news. Thanks for sharing. I noticed it. I will try to go there.

  2. A really great opening and what a pleasure to see so many people having fun. The sun shone, the old town was a blaze of colour and there was plenty to see, even if the queues for the Turner were a bit long.

    What has made it even more pleasurable since is looking round the blogs and seeing how our whinge community are choking on their own bile in their despair at this initial success.

    It won't last, Margate is a shithole, should have had an ice rink, its cost us millions (that's the funniest one since they are all on benefits) and so on. Even good old Iris, who once supported it, has seen the potential for a few whinge votes so has now gone anti-TC.

    Main thing is though, that the majority of folk seem happy and those that are not, enjoy being miserable whinge bags anyway.

    Long may it prosper.

  3. Bill I am delighted at its opening and now we all need to get behind it. I would like to see a few more shops wanting to be in the high street but it is early days. Now would be a good time to invest in Margate.


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