Saturday, 16 April 2011

Turner Contemporary has opened

Yep its here and it is now . My countdown ticker has done its work. Today is the day. I watched the local news last night and they estimate ten thousand visitors over this weekend. I hope so and I hope the local restaurant are coping ok. I  for one am delighted but would like to apologise to one blogger called Jeff who left a comment that needed moderation. My comments section never needs moderation unless the language used is offensive. I unfortunately deleted your comment and if you care to leave a comment that does not attract the attention of the moderator please do. I understand no everyone likes the building, I don't like all modern buildings and much prefer the 18th century but in the 21st century we need 21st century buildings not 300 year old thinking.
I loved being inside the Turner the building is fantastic and for Margate to have a David Chipperfield designed gallery is also fantastic. Sir David Chipperfied has designed magnificent buildings around the world. I am not going to list them here Google can return far more details than I can. But now Margate have an international building and I for one am proud of it and I am proud of Margate. Lets stop knocking Margate but put that energy into something good. go down to Margate old town. Yes Margate has got a cultural quarter its nopt far from the High Street and its empty shops, each of those shops is an opportunity for someone to start their own dream. Margate is mobbed I am sitting here writing this and the news is showing  crowds at  Margate harbour.


  1. Don what did you think of the exhibition? I haven’t seen it yet as I am working today and hope to get over there next week. I haven’t seen the Turner they have managed to get hold of either.

  2. I didn't mind the exhibition parts are good parts very good the turner so so but the notes etc great I will go back again next week. The building is fantastic it is so fit for purpose tthat it is the star of show.

  3. I can sum the building up in one word - hideous.

    It looks like a power station, or a bus terminal. It makes you think of an industrial estate.


    It is so out of quilter with the look of Margate (Victorian, Georgian - even Regency). It is a mistake - bird droppings in a week & graffiti sooner is my suspicion.

  4. Don went yesterday and took some pictures, which I posted linked to mi blog, help yourself to them if you didn’t take any yourself. I too will be going again.

    Trapunto or Applique 10.02

  5. Anon 10:02 Have you checked the date? I am certain they no longer build in Victorian, Georgian or Regency the building is built for purpose in the 21st century.


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