Friday, 1 April 2011

Thanet Press closes Solar Panels blossom

I never buy a local paper because they are always full of bad news. I bought one this week and yep you guessed it more bad news. My father-in law worked for the press for years and was father of the chapel (a union term) and very union minded. The Unions never stopped the closure of his beloved press and this week 90 jobs are gone. It is a great shame and I feel sorry for all effected but soon in this digital age we wont need print just ipads and those electronic book things. Everyone has a phone and most receive the Internet even the old thing I was given secondhand not that I know how to use it. The world is a-changing and some things even if they have been around since 1770 get swept aside. Getting back to the local paper I was amazed to read an article about the Eurokent Business Park near Westwood. So from Bad news spread all over the front of the paper (evidently bad news sells papers) way inside tucked away was for me the best story of this week.
I am a fan of small starter units and feel we should have more (anyone from TDC listening) The article highlighted a few of the firms already at the Park and the one that got me excited was a firm called Blue Sky. Now having just spent at least twenty minutes trying to track down a phone number or website for either the business Park or for Blue Sky I am a grumpy old man. I feel this article deserved front page coverage as it is good news. I know bad news sells papers but good news is better. I got hold of Blue Sky and the are waiting to get a completion date to move into their unit and get office built etc. Jo the young lady I spoke to was very excited about the move. Blue Sky employs seven people at the moment and in the conversation I had with Jo they aim to grow, and after the disaster in Japan PV solar generation is the way forwards. I discussed this with her and also the fact as I have blogged about previously CLICK HERE for Vattenfall office article KCC and TDC plus others should be installing this type of technology.
Firms like Blue Sky are the future, I am sorry for Thanet Press but this is the digital age and we need to embrace the future not shy away from it. We need Jobs in Thanet and more places for small firms to grow and blossom. I ask our council and county council to do all they can to help firms grow and give  them all the help they deserve.One item I would like to point out is Paul McMullan at the Gazette wrote a fantastic article and to my mind the story should have been front page stuff but next time add some of the website details for the firms you are promoting so I don't have to spend another twenty minutes on google getting grumpy.
If you would like to save money on your electricity bills and maybe even earn money selling surplus elecrticity back to the national grid(just think if everyone did that we could close a nuclear power station) Contact BlueSky

Blue Sky (Kent) Ltd
424 Margate Road
CT12 6SJ

Office: 01843 868108
0800 0284642

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