Friday, 1 April 2011

TDC website no mention of Turner Contemporary

Having just done an exhaustive search of both TDC's website and the Visit Thanet website was dissapointed to find no mention on the councils website and a very srenuous search on the Visit Thanet site a mention of it on Page two of general items. I used to sell adverising so I know how difficult it is to sell but TDC runs both sites and dont even advertise the BIGGEST THING IN THANT FOR A GENERATION. Come on someone at the council step up to the plate and take charge of this shambles, other councils must laugh at TDC and say how rubbish they promote stuff . Go to the front page of VISIT THANET and here is what you see

Just some of the events taking place over the next couple of months in Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate include:
28th May - 5th June: Carter's Steam Fair
25th-30th July: Ramsgate Week
5th-12th August: Broadstairs Folk Week
17th August: Broadstairs Water Gala
30th September- 7th October: Broadstairs Food Festival
This has not been updated this year to my knowledge and obviously no mention of stuff coming in the next two weeks because if there was the Turner would be there on the front page. Are the council ashamed of Thanet?
I have written to the press officer  and await a reply but I doubt it will change and as for the planning stuff over on Michaels and Simons Blogs I give up. It would appear TDC cant sort anything out regarding websites, I wonder if when we join up with Dover and Canterbury things will improve?


  1. Well Done Don for highlighting this, at least you and I are "Promoting Thanet"

  2. Glad you are taking this one up Don, I have tried to get them to promote various major issues with a mention on the council’s homepage. A major issue here is that if events aren’t mentioned there that people are inclined to think there are no events, particularly as the council has their site tagged up as showing events in Thanet.

    I suppose the biggest problem with the council’s sites, is even if they do mention an event they have no way of prioritising things, so the opening of Turner will get as much prominence as a coffee morning on their tourism site, in the same way as an application to put up a garden shed gets the same priority as a major development on public land gets on their planning site.

    I have just tried Canterbury Council’s planning site, it does seem to be a lot better than the Thanet one and does seem to be written in house by Canterbury council’s IT team.

  3. Michael are we joining up services with other councils soon in an effort to save money? I bet it will be TDC who run the websites and continue to do it badly because it must be cheaper.


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