Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding wishes

I have been glued to the television all day  and have loved the Royal Wedding I just want to put online mine and my families best wishes for William and Kate. We wish them a long and happy time together and may they be blessed in their life together. I managed to get to my daughters to have a bit of a do while the ceremony was on and then we had lunch. I had to come back home to go to bed but now they are all still celebrating I cant keep up the pace anymore. So I hope that you have all had a good Royal wedding day I know we have.


  1. Hi Don. Sorry you have not been too good lately. It is nice to see you managed to your daughter's for a wee party. The Bride was lovely and I wish them all the best. They do look happy.
    Sending you healing thoughts and prayer.

  2. I just hope that Charles felt very ashamed when he heard the vows that the couple took. More or less the same vows that he himself took in 1981 and within an instant broke. Not the right sort of morality for him to be the next King and his current wife was of the same moral standing.

  3. I'm not a royalist, for what it's worth. But I enjoyed the ceremony and did raise a glass to the happy couple. The bride's dress was lovely and she looked beautiful.

    Both Will and Kate seemed very much in love so... I suppose I wish them both the best, albeit through gritted teeth.

    Mind you, I did snigger at the 'for richer for poorer' bit though. They wouldn't know the meaning of the word 'poor' if it bit them on the backside. But then again, neither would many of our cabinet ministers, so what can ya do.

    Anyway, glad to hear you had a nice day, Don. Hope you're well.

  4. I spent a lovely day with my British friends enjoying this lovely wedding. A friend bought five of her fancy hats for us to wear and we drank endless cups of tea. We thought the bride was stunning and they are such a lovely couple. Congratulations to them both and may they have a long and very happy life together.

  5. Don, hope you feel better by now.

  6. Hi folks It was a great day and I an pleased you all enjoyed it in your various parts of the world. You will also I hope be pleased to hear I am feeling much better today. I hope you are all feeling good as well and have a great weekend . XXX Don


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