Thursday, 28 April 2011

Mention Election and site view go up

I just looked at my site stats and was amazed to find people still viewing an election post I did last April. Why? I dont know but week after week it is the same it just wont go away. I for one will be pleased when this local election and stupid referendum is over. I am hacked off with the callers and leaflets plus we are now getting phone calls. This country is getting more and more Americanised at least we have a Monarch and I AM pleased for the wedding. I cant understand the anti brigade they are in full flow with something to moan about the cost and royals yabber yabber yab. They cant be pleased for anything I think its great . Still if you have read this far leave a comment because I would like to know what country you are from so I can complete the task of this post who clicks on my blog when you mention election and it you click on last years election story YOU ARE SAD. Have a good day.

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  1. Yep mentioning the election has mad my figures zoom up by one person in the last hour hmmmmmmmmm my theory is shot.


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