Saturday, 30 April 2011

Margate Lido Boot Fair Saturdays and Wednesdays

I have had the strangest of days, I couldnt get my head round the fact it was Saturday. I thought yesterday was Saturday because everyone was off work and the Royal wedding. Then my sister on about Man U playing tomorrow threw me I was completly lost. Then I got this email from the council asking about the Lido boot fair. Everyone knows Boot Fairs are on Sundays. Well this email asked for details about the Lido Boot fair and I didnt know the answers so I phoned Joe who runs the bootfair. What a nice chap he is we got talking about the bootfair and the Lido and he tells me all I needed to answer the council lady and he says he was there today and me thinking today was Sunday  didnt  take a blind bit of notice. So Joe tells me he needs booters on Wednesdays and Saturdays (penny drops) and that he is getting loads of customers and even people arriving by bike because the Lido is on the bike trail round Thanet. Also there are two bus stops right outside and the Pirate play area is right next door with lots and lots of mums and kids using it so all in all Joe is on to a winner. Lido Boot fair is the place to go so sellers and buyers head on over to the Lido on Margate front Past the Winter gardens. Wednesdays and Saturdays 6.00am Piches from £7.00 refreshment and toilets on site


  1. This blog is totally awseome to the max,to the very top
    of the iconic lido beacon,or is it a giant lollipop,
    whatever that iconic lido sign is let's hope that once again we are witnessing more Margate regeneration,with even more happening in the area now with the wed ,sat boot
    fair,like so many others I'm trying.

  2. There is so much going on in Margate with regeneration on all angles. I am sure the Lido Boot Fair will help bring people to Margate.I wish you every sucsess.

  3. I hope today went well at the Lido boot fair

  4. Just wondering what time it opens on a saturday and wednesday ?

    There used to be bootsales at the Lido a few years ago and they were always busy and great for selling, I done the old one several times and very rarely came home with very much left.

    We'll stick a post up on the Thanet4x4 forum and a few others which relate to Thanet and hope that it helps.

    Best of luck with it Joe.


  5. Joe I did a couple there years ago and found the site busy. I am sure they start at 6.00 am and there is food van there as well. I love a burger at a boot fair I think its should be compulsary. My kids used to come along just for the burgers


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