Saturday, 2 April 2011

I LIED TDC website has mention of Turner Contemorary

Yep I lied TDC'S website the internet face of TDC the first place anyone in the whole wide world finds first if you type Thanet in on Google has go a mention of The opening of the Turner. Yep the most up to date thing I could find on the grand opening (no capitals as that might infer it is a big event) was dated as
Publication date: 06 August, 2010
No More recent items no front page mention, maybe TDC have something more important maybe there is some other event that has surpassed the opening let me show you a screen grab of TDC'S website. Can anyone tell me what TDC's IT department find more important than the biggest and most costly scheme to regenerate Thanet because I am sure all of the shop keepers and restaurants throughout Thanet who's futures depend on this would like to know. TDC please at least mention we have something going on on your in house website and review what good VISIT THANET does as they are even worse in many respects.

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