Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Co-op & UK’s community renewable energy industry

I spotted an article on Twitter and because I am interested in PV energy production I had a quick look click here to do the same. I find it strange that with the building control we have in this country that no measures for producing energy are in force for new build. Just think of the Turner Contemporary with a PV roof or the Westwood shopping centre with a display for how much green energy they aree producing?. I can remember years ago going into a cafe in Cornwall and they had a display showing how much electricty they were producing and the kids sat there watching it go up and down as the sun came in and out plus when they boiled a kettle how it was consumed. Come on big companies show us Tesco and the Sainsbury's of this world you are leaders do your bit.

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  1. What a fabulous idea. The benefits from solar energy are obvious (as we have been going on about on our blog for the past year)- savings, extra income, safer environment and even boosting employment figures. What may be problematic following the FIT review is when the project is too large they will be hit by latest government FIT review which has put restrictions on larger commercial organisations benefiting form the Feed in tariff.


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