Friday, 1 April 2011

Blue Sky Thinking

We have all heard those little buzz words THINKING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX & RUNNING WITH IT etc etc. Well today I have been thinking Blue Sky Solar Energy generation rather than the annoying buzz word BLUE SKY THINKING. If you read my last article you will know I am on about PV panels to generate electricity. Now how they work I dont have a scooby but work they do and given a big enough Solar Panel they can even produce enough electricity to run your home and have a bit left over. Now for the good bit the extra unused electricity can be sold back to the National Grid making you a few bob. I just received an email from Jo at Blue Sky Kent Ltd thanking me for contacting Blue Sky and offering to keep me up to date with the progress of the new yard and offices. I wish them every success with installing Solar in Kent and recomend Commercial Users consider PV on offices and factories to reduce your Carbon Footprint and reduce costs and become Greener CLICK HERE for a Carbon Footprint Appraisal. So Home or Commercial Blue Sky Kent can fit a system tailored to your Home or Business ring  Joanna Waumsley   on  01843 868108

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