Monday, 7 March 2011

Thanets Bloggers stats

With Both Tony and Michael publishing stats for their blogs I have gone on record  in the past as falling into the Mark Twain view of stats ie Lies Damned lies and Statistics. I am sure all these figures are in some way relevant but after watching the Culture Show last week and one of the guests was a Columnist and blogger for a daily newspaper and he often got responses numbering into the thousands but most of them were defamitory agresive and abusive. Very few did anything to enhance the subject or add to the debate in any way. The reason for the article was not about statistics but how easy it is to get found via the internet and the reporter  actually located one abusive commentator and rung him up and in doing so obtained an apology. I am sure these figures have a relevance but with Eastcliffe Richards long defunct blog still ranking high on these figure one really does wonder how they come to  the figures they do. No I am not surgesting a Labour plot to get the Tory bloggers discredited or google siding with Mark Nottingham over his deselection, I am just pointing out and misquoting caveat emptor reader beware

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