Sunday, 27 March 2011

Thanet Street phography 1960's

Ramsgate 1967
I read the amateur photographer each week and they always feature a prominent photographers work each week. This weeks topic was a chap called Tony Ray-Jones. His work was mainly street photography and covers the UK from 1966 till his early death in 1972. I have just been looking at some of his work done in Thanet in the late 1960's. there are shots taken in Margate Broadstairs and Ramsgate and show a bygone age, an age when it was ok to take a picture of a child eating an ice cream and not be regarded as a pedophile,or take a picture of a building and not be stopped and questioned by police as a potential terrorist. We have come a long way since the 1960's but in some ways we have lost the joy of life. Anyone taking a picture is regarded as a threat and everything is someones fault. If I slipped on a floor as a boy when I started work I looke dround to make sure no one saw me and got up and carried on with my work, but nowadays people call up accident direct and fill in a claims form. I am sure the world has gone mad. Still enough of all that have a look at Tony Ray-Jones work on a website   and see if you know the beauty contestants from 1969 or recognise the 1969 Punch and Judy man captured striding along Viking Bay Broadstairs. I enjoyed looking at the old stuff I hope you do too. Tony Ray-Jones collection click here


  1. Hi Don

    Thanks for pointing this out, Tony Ray Jones is one of my favourite photographers. I'm going to have to find myself a copy of the magazine. If you like his work you should also check out Martin Parr. Have a look at my website too, and my blog.

    There's a great book of Tony's work still available, you can find it at Amazon by searching his name.

    Thanks again

  2. Really nice pictures of that time. I love to see old photographs. Thanks for shared those.


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