Saturday, 5 March 2011

Margate and Turner Contemporary

Not long to go now according to my countdown clicker 41days  and counting. I rang a few Margate businesses a couple of weeks back and to a man they were all excited by the opening. Lots and lots of people have invested in Margate yet it still has lots of empty shops. Well now is the time as there is all sorts of stuff available to start ups, I recently heard of a shop keeper managing to go Business Rate free on his new shop. Whilst I haven't made any enquiries about Margate I feel confident that all sorts of stuff is available but for some reason you have to ask. I am old enough to remember Wales encouraging new businesses to set up and they went on TV and told the world how they wanted them to relocate to wales. Well in these days of the internet I would love to see TDC advertising itself to the world. The other thing I would love to see TDC do is more started sites. In Victoria road there used to be an old Tyre business and when it went to the wall the council developed half a dozen small units the size of a very large double garage complete with high roof toilet kitchen and power. They had special low start up costs and no long term lease. TDC we need more business start ups. Picture from Turner website CLICK HERE TO VISIT

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