Monday, 7 March 2011

Google statistics again

For someone who dislikes stats I have spent a lot of time today looking at nothing but google statistics. The one that amuses me is SEARCH QUERIES do you know (no how can you they are my stats) Qatar was the most searched term. Down around the number 200 and something someone was searching for Anglo Saxon Jobs (on a computer) number 296 Qatar football (that bloomin place again) and in last place came year of sheep
once again I have no idea why one I needed to know that or two why I should tell you ? I assume it is me trying to keep up with my fellow bloggers as I am almost last on  blog wickipedia acording to stats on Tony's BigNews Margate Blog. I wonder if Julian Assange will be putting my e-mails on the the internet?
All very ammusing but  back to the topic in hand (no stop that I mean this blog topic not Mr Assange's hand) Why do Google give us all these figures? Knowing someone was looking for year of the sheep in the middle of the night is not really surprising I assume he or she either works nights or are insomniacs. I count sheep if I cant sleep so I expect searching for them on the world wide web is the 21st century way of getting off to sleep, which is what will happen to me if I carry on with this post. I am going to find Qatar in my Look and Learn Atlas and check the weather forecast for the World Cup.


  1. Don just noticed your comment on my pinch and a punch post, the link there takes you to the stats for thanetonline website not thanetonline blog which is why you couldn’t find your ip address.

    I have to admit to finding the web statistics very interesting, amused to find I have a fellow addict you could go to and join up, after that you have to copy the code they give you and put it on your blog somewhere on the main page, not as a post. After that you can access much more detailed statistics.

  2. I do wonder if the stats produced are genuine or not. Stats are what we make of them. It depends what is being measured and under what criteria.

  3. Michael I have done that already I am getting to nerdy for my own good.

    Marty I cant stand stats I dont know why I look at them. I even look foward to the first of the month and Michaels stats. I am becoming a nerd.


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