Sunday, 27 March 2011

Bacon and Brie at Broadstairs

Botany Bay Beach Kiosk
I have just been reading an article on IsleOne about Bacon Sarnies at Louisa Bay Cafe (Aka Dereks). I have eaten at Dereks (to me it will always be Dereks even though it has new owners) for years. As you know I have MS and am either in a wheelchair or on my electric scooter. So access is important to me and getting to Dereks is a doddle, in the wheelchair we go down the lift and along the prom, on the scooter I can go down the slope by the Louisa Bay Hotel  scoot round to Dumpton Gap and Back for a Bacon and Brie Sandwich and coffee, I love the Bacon and Brie I hope the new owners keep it on the menu! I must say this sounds as if I am not being Loyal to Ross round at Botany Bay Beach Kiosk but I go there as well (Ross is my Son in Law) but being disabled Botany Bay is not exactly disabled friendly and I have to stay on the cliff top and send my wife down the steps to collect the Bacon Sarnies. I LOVE BACON. Click Here to go to Botany Bay Beach Kiosk Website Ross is planning to open 10th of April for Easter for the Easter Holidays and then part time until June when he opens for the season. I hope we have a good season all of our Cafes and restaurants deserve it and Thanet is a fantastic place for visits and holidays and with the new Turner Contemporary opening on the 16th of April we will be attracting new visitors to Margate and Thanet to our Bacon Sanies, I hope there are some left for me!

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