Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wind and Solar energy misuse

I have just come from INthanet the very fine blog of Ken Read. He has posted about  Vattenfall and enviromental energy and Ramsgate etc. I had a quick look at the piccies of  Vattenfall's new office building in Ramsgate and was left wondering about solar energy and wind enery etc. Now I dont mind the great big wind turbine things yep they look ghastly but  we need energy, my kettle demands it to make my coffee hot and I do prefer a hot shower and not forgetting I have a stairlift that is insistant on electricity or I go neither up nor down stairs and not forgetting my scooter is battery powered and without that I go nowhere. So I am energy dependant, I cant do jack without electricity. Now here is a thought SOLAR POWER yep that great big yellow ball high in the sky. Now if it was any good Vattenfall woulld coat those ghastly turbines in solar panels and generate m ore electric for there buck. Same goes for their new office building SOLAR PANELS should generate lots of electricery all over the new offices NAH cant be bovvered so that brings me to the question should we be bovvered. We know the oil will one day run out and as a way of putting this off should we invest in SOLAR ENERGY. Well I would love cheaper but investing several thousand pounds in PV Solar is just too expensive and not that efficient. I know I am setting myself up for a fall here but if KCC and TDC and other councils invested in it I reckon others would follow. Mr Carter and co reduce your costs the green way.

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  1. The receiver is as bad as the thief.


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