Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Update on Alpha course at Saint Pauls Cliftonville Margate

My wife just got back from Ignite at Saint Pauls church in Northdown Road and after getting revised number of guests for the Alpha Course yesterday, up from 75 to 86, THE NUMBERS SIGNED UP NOW STAND AT 91. So maybe people still have a hunger for finding out about religion. The Alpha couse starts tomorrow at 7.00pm just turn up if you are interesteed its to late to sign up (the sign up figures are for the logistics of feeding eeveryone). So if you fancy doing the Alpha Course turn up at Saint Pauls church Northdown road Cliftonville, doors are due to open at 7.00 and food at 7:30 after eating a short talk and then break into smaller groups  (91 people trying to ask questions all at the same time is just not feasable) end after groups at about 9:30. The course runs for 8 weeks.


  1. How small our world is! My cousin in Corner Brook, Newfoundland is currently helping with a Youth Alpha program through The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist:,_Corner_Brook,_NL

    Take care, Don and Heather!


  2. Thank you Elaine. I hope you cousins course goes well. I love Alpha and wish I was in better health but I support them with prayer. XXX Don


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