Thursday, 10 February 2011

Thanet's Creative Quarter and Turner Contemporary Art centre

I can't wait for the Turner Centre to open, or to give its correct name the Turner Contemporary and its address is Rendezvous Margate Kent CT9 1HG. What a great address RENDEZVOUS which means meeting place. I have great hopes that many will meet there. I was watching the Culture Show tonight about an exhibition at Tate Saint Ives and a current exhibitor Simon Starling said his art makes people think. And the Turner has made people think about Thanet since the idea to build the Turner  Contemporary here, and I must say it has already bought people to Rendezvous here in Thanet particularly in Margate's Creative Quarter.
I am not alone in my thinking that Margate and Thanet has become the home of several Art Galleries and Art based projects. Some people have disappeared along the way but since the first idea's of the Turner people have wanted to be involved in Margate. The Harbour Arm is now host to several business's  and looks much better for being occupied and used than it did a few years back. All of these Gallery's shops and projects have bought life to the Old Town and the opening of the Turner Centre will give a new impetus to those businesses already here. I phoned a couple of ventures today to check all was well and the consensus was hanging on in there and the opening couldn't come soon enough. Myself as a resident of Margate want to see the whole area of Thanet  thrive, I want to see all of the shops occupied and the place a destination once more. So Thanet People applaud the efforts instead of condemn them, I know not everyone wants an art gallery but when I ask what is the alternative? it is often silence that I am replied with rather than ideas, and silence will not get Thanet back as a destination.
Tell your friends to Rendezvous at the Turner Contemporary when it opens 16th April


  1. Yes, I think you may well be alone in your thinking.

  2. Don, I totally agree with you, we all need TC to succeed, but it should not be at the expense of other Thanet attractions.

    If £17m can be found for TC and £4m for Dreamland, surely it is not beyond Margate Renewal Partnership or another to find a mere £100K for Margate Caves. One More attraction for Margate.

  3. Clearly Anon 21:39 is one of these delusional souls who thinks that a majority accord to his/her thinking. Do not be fooled by vociferous minorities for, whilst they make a lot of noise, they seldom represent the silent sensible majority.

    I am with Don on this and am optimistic about the success of the Turner and what it can do for Margate.

    Whilst I would also have some sympathy with Readit's views on more attractions being open, the financial calculations he quotes are an over simplification. The monies for the Turner did not come out of local council funds but mainly from a one of, for the purpose, grant. Dreamland is already in the plan and will involve private sector partners. The caves, likewise, can only be refurbished and maintained year on year if a firm or organisation can be found to take them on as a business.

    They were not previously run by the council so why now, especially in the dire financial straights that we find ourselves. What the council should do, and I am sure are doing, is exploring the possibilities of someone taking on the caves and that could well happen as the Turner takes off.

    How about a bit of cheer for Thanet for a change and us all developing a positive mindset. Negativity is destructive.

  4. Well said Bluenote and Don,ther is a chai tea shop and clothes shop and Deli opening soon in the old town,along with all the other great shops cafe's etc already there.I went for a cup of tea at "cupcake"on saturday around 4ish and she was full to bursting(and she has moved from nextdoor to a bigger premises)Well done to all,can't wait for TC gallery to open..

  5. Happy living in Thanet11 February 2011 at 18:55

    I live in Ramsgate but love coming to Margate Old Town and the skies there are second to none. I really do hope the art gallery works for everyone in Thanet's sake and I know the gallery are organising lots of community events so please lets all do our bit and participate or go along to watch - give them a chance to succeed before condemning the idea outright.

  6. Not bad only one person anti. I am really looking forward to the summer as this could be the best one for Thanet for years.

  7. It don't matter one jot how good the new shops are in Margate old town, everyone will be heading to the new Tesco at the other end of town.
    Yet another classic own goal by this hopeless council.
    How can you promote a new and vibrant small collection of specialist shops and then give planning for a multi national giant to set up within a stones throw, talk about getting mugged by the council.
    As for TC, well the council need a new office block and this will fit the bill nicely once the initial couple of months attendence figures fall into single numbers.

    Honestly, there must be something in the Thanet water, your all raving mad if you think an over hyped shed with a few pictures on the wall is going to make a jot of difference, whats needed in Thanet are JOBS, remember that word, J O B S not protencious nonsense that the whole of kent can see is a waste of time, money and oxygen.

  8. i love coming over to Margate old town and harbour arm and do so regullarly but what really miffs me is when you get there and find the shops shut!!!! even at the weekend. the cupcake is an exception she has always been open even when she must have been struggling she kept at it hence she deserves the move to larger premises. can they not put a sign on the doors to say when they will be open and then open.stop playing at it cause you will end up spoiling it for everyone.

  9. Hello, I think the New Turner Art Centre from the outside is ugly, It's a blott on the landscape. It looks like a power station. I can't believe the town planners approved it.


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