Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Thanet recovery has started

I typed in Thanet recovery into google and About 335,000 results (0.29 seconds) came up. So Google  as well as Twitter is alive with Thanets recovery. Twitter has Ron Scott's Antique Emporium buzzing through its tweets and also the Turner Centre being on the news last night. Unfortunately the google search referred to car recovery. I must be the only person in Thanet who is delighted by the immanent opening of the Turner Contemporary Centre. I love the idea and excited that at last it is almost open, I am possibly going for a sneak preview  a few days before the official opening on the 16th of April and if it comes off I will blog about it.
The thing that started me searching google for Thanet's recovery was my recent trip to St. George's garage in Harold Road in Cliftonville. Ross and Bob at St.Georges are quietly working away selling used Mercedes and Volkswagen's and when I popped in last week the workshop was busy servicing  an Audi a BMW and Peugeot. Opposite Saint Georges is the Grand Garage who are having a refit and obviosly they wouldn't be doing that if business was bad. Margate will also benefit from the Dreamland park and even from the proposed Tesco store at Arlington House. I havent heard much about the Margate football ground redevelopment but as far as I know if is going ahead. So all in all Thanet is trying hard to cope with the Pfizer closure.

I know the few things I have mentioned  wont make up for the thousands of jobs  being lost, I have two family members loosing their jobs and nothing I have mentioned here will brighten the sky for them. But what I am doing is trying to put a positive spin on Thanet and remind people the Island is still open for business and we need visitors and investors now more than ever.


  1. Don try “Thanet Recovery” as an exact phrase in Google, I got five matches or “Thanet’s Recovery” four matches and only this blog post for “Thanets Recovery” I don’t want to pour cold water on your optimism but do think five is a bit more realistic.

  2. I know Michael but I got tired of all the doom monger's even getting call from friends in Scotland say 'oh it sounds bad no Pfizers is going' YES IT IS but it is not the end of the world and to paraphrase Winston Churchill its not the end not even the begining of the end Thanet and East kent will come through this. I would rather it had not happened but now it has we need all the positives we can get.

  3. Sadly Don, one would have to say that there is an element within Thanet to whom the news of Pfizers closure is like sweet music. The doom mongers are wetting themselves with glee whilst the Labour party think it is mana from heaven for their electoral prospects.

    In truth Thanet is far from finished. In the decade I have been back there have been many improvements. Ramsgate is quietly flourishing, Broadstairs is still a nice place to live and Margate is on the up.

    Jobs will come, indeed Saga are providing quite a few hundred, and I am sure the government's efforts will see some kind of Phoenix rise from the ashes of Pfizer.

    If only we could get shot of the Nimby groups, and the Labour politicians who jump on their bandwagons, and move forward with a flourishing regional airport, then many other goodies would quickly slot into place.

    You keep promoting Thanet and good luck to you and it.

  4. Thanks Bluenote I was begining to think it was only me who can see these thing. Indeed Saga is promoting,we got two phone calls from friends saying so this afternoon. They were calling in reference to our daughter. I doubt she wiill have too much difficulty getting work but here husband will in all likelihood have to work away. Thanet has a lot going for it and I glad to live here.


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