Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Pfizer to shut at Sandwich

I heard this earlier today and have just seen it on the lunchtime news Pfizer is to shut at Sandwich. I know we have heard it all before but I think this may well be curtains for the Sandwich base of the pharmaceutical giant. I have just had a quick look on Pfizers website and to them with their multi billion dollar turnover Sandwich is just a pin in a map and some one has decided that it will be more profitable to do the work done there elsewhere. I  can see it as just a financial decision for an accountant, but for the thousands that work at Sandwich it is devastating news. I know loads of people that this will affect not least my daughter and her husband. I hope those who have made this decision don't suffer from guilt because if they do they will be unable to sleep for many many nights with this on their conscience


  1. How many small businesses can we help set up at speed? Low barrier to entry stuff... I estimate we need 540 to cope with our share of job loss.

  2. Let us hope that the combination of a quality site and highly skilled work force will attract some new firms to the area.

    For years now Pfizer have been making reduncies, usually in hundreds, and threatening to leave. Maybe, now having to face the problem, solutions can be found and, preferably, invoving a number of companies so that we cannot be held to ransom anymore.

    It would be good to see some real government incentives, like tax breaks, to make the proposition more worthwhile. Certainly I will be lobbying my MP along those lines. How about the rest of you?

  3. If you mean Roger Gale.....whats the point!!!
    This situation is a clinical reminder of the crap that is everywhere at the moment, be it impotent councils making repeatedly poor decisions, backed by politicians whoare still realing from being caught with their noses in the trough.
    What possible chance has Thanet got really, what is needed now is a root and branch removal of ALL TDC officers,staff and councillors and start again.... then we may have a chance.

  4. Sorry about your family members and others who will lose jobs. It gets really frustrating when this happens. We had a very large local plant close last year and send the work to Mexico. So many wihout jobs.

  5. Buy Low, Sell High2 February 2011 at 04:48

    this is going to be a great opportunity. For far too long property prices have been kept too high in Thanet bolstered by Pfizer workers moving to the area and taking large mortgages beyond their means. Hopefully this will dump a lot of property on the market, either from those who get out of dodge, or have to downsize as they cannot meet their over-extended mortgage payments. As more and more are forced to rent this will be a great time for Buy-to-let opportunities as prices start to be slashed. Every cloud......

  6. For over a year campaigners have been lobbying MP's and KCC to persuade Southeastern to stop the existing highspeed trains which pass through Sandwich and Deal everyday to be included into the highspeed network and encourage job growth and inward investment into East Kent. This is just one small initiative so easy to accomplish and yet no progress has been made from MP's or KCC.

    We need the basic infrastructure and support for the East Kent economy to flourish and not sink into the abyss. Lets stop concentrating on the 'Peoples Port' and get the highspeed extension, turn Manston Airport into a major hub and improve the road network.

  7. I have just written an article about this today. Basically the business model for big pharm is pretty much broken. The patent life on new drugs is too short, lawyers are crippling in their aggression and governments try to penny pinch. We all lose in having less effective remedies for our ills.
    Fixing the business model is in the hands of governments. But in the meantime Pfizer Sandwich is symptom of a far wider malaise.


  8. Brucie baby, having read your link perhaps you should stick to Strictly Come Dancing.


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