Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Margate free advertising Kent freeads

Not much is free nowadays but my mate Barny has a freeads site and he wantts people to participate and its free. His site www.Kent.all-in-one-place.co.uk promotes your own website and improves your rankings on search engines like Google as they find your site on his site and class it as a link to your site and the more links you have google think your more popular thus higher rankings, its not quiet that simple but you get the idea? dont you? Well SEO or Search Engine Optomization is a murky world that trys to get you to spend money for simple stuff you can do yourself for free. There are loads and loads of articles, books,websites and of course people wanting your cash so I wont re write anything here that you can find countless times on google that would be a waste of my time. But Barny does get paid for his Kent free ads site by google. Down the side of each and every page people pay to advertise their wares and draw you away from his site to theirs and buy whatever it is the advert is for. So just think your free advert or classified aint really free nor is google or any of the other search engines someone somewhere is paying thats what it is all about.

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