Sunday, 13 February 2011

Margate Football club and Hotel at Hartsdown

I stirred up a few people on Michaels blog because I don't mind change and don't harp on how great Margate used to be. Margate has too change become up to date and to do that some things will have to be broken. When I started this blog I chose the name so it would actually PROMOTE as in my experience most people do the exact opposite. and now I am being regarded as some sort of two headed monster because I support change at Hartsdown park. Margate needs decent modern hotel beds and Margate FC have a scheme to provide them and because it involves using a small area of Hartsdown Park UPROAR. Who from the very people who have most to loose the people who MIGHT and it is a very big MIGHT walk on those few blades of grass. Hartdown leisure centre is mobbed but the Park? for the few people who walk their dogs there is still loads of space but because things are about to change UPROAR. Now I do appreciate so many changes to cope with at once must make the head spin of those  who want to live in the Margate of their youth but this is 2011 and times have changed. I cant wait for the Turner Contemporary to open and the visitors to be staying in a new modern hotel at Harstdown. And when the return to work they say MARGATE WAS GREAT.


  1. Well done Don. Of course the "old" Hartsdown should never have been demolished.

    A Margate FC post

  2. Maybe they can knock down a few local churches & build hotels on the sites instead. After all Don, you don't mind change, & would surely prefer busy hotels to near-empty churches?

  3. Once again you fail to appreciate the "Value" of open space.
    Your ignorant approach to "Change" belongs in the 1970's when the first real concrete city concept wwas put into reality, only to find now that it's being pulled apart to create.....OPEN SPACE.

    If, and it's a BIG if, Hotel accomodation was in such high demand, then the existing hotels would not be offering B&B for £15 per night !
    The existing provision is at best only running on 40% occupancy and with Pfizer now departing, this will decrease before it gets any better.

    So to sum up Don, your approach and thoughts are Ignorant, short sighted and not reflective of what is in any way Reality.

  4. Peter, when were you last in a church for some of Thanet's are far from empty. The diminishing congretation story is one the disciples of Richard Dawkins like to peddle but it is far from true locally. Indeed, the Baptist Church in Queens Road, Broadstairs is so popular its hall is being enlarged.

    Maybe you should visit, assuming you don't actually mind seeing people with clothes on.

  5. Anon 14:16, since the proposed hotel, still subject to planning consent, is within the confines of the space already used by Margate FC, there is no actual loss of public open space.

    Yes, some of our archaic hotels, being relics of a bygone seaside resort, are no great shakes but a new hotel would only be built if those footing the bill felt there was a future for it. I am with Don for boosting the future of Thanet and not being a NIMBY about every proposal.

    So, if there is any ignorance around here it is you and your negativity, not Don and his believe in a future for the place.

  6. Exactly, Bluenote, "some" of them...

    To clarify even I wouldn't like to see any of our churches converted into McDonalds or Tescos, but I'd gladly see some of them converted into clubs, art galleries, or other community use.

    As for me going to church, that would be hypercritical of me, though I'm guessing you don't visit many mosques or synagogues.

  7. The argument per say is not related to anything "within existing boundaries" however with the variable nature of the plans that keep on being submitted, who is to say where the actual boundaries are !

    The proposed Hotel is a terrible idea for the solew reason of development on land that cannot be developed by law, something continually overlooked.
    The 3g pitch on the other hand will destroy an enourmous area of the parkland and it is this proposal that is causing the most uproar.
    Why anyone would want to dig up the grassland and replace with a plastic alternative is just the work of a lunatic. Would they replace all the plants at Kew Gardens with plastic alternatives ???
    The whole concept stinks from start to finish, the old guard at the council are now having to justify their decisions and on this proposal there is no justification for this to proceed.

    What the council and Margate Football club do not like is the fact that every move is being watched catalogued and analysed, not only by local residents, but now also by government departments that are determined to see that the correct process is met.

  8. Anon 15:07

    If only you were correct. However, as a large employer in Thanet I think i have a very good outlook on what is good for Thanet.
    I personaly employ a very large number of local Thanet people from all walks of life, non of whom think this is a good idea.

    It's not a case of no development no matter what, that would be counter productive, it's a case of development where it can do the best for the people and the area.
    People need open space, it's what Thanet is famous for with its wide open beaches and parks, take these away and we become yet another suburb of London and no one wants that.
    Take pride in what we have, protect it all we can but grow in an intelligent forward thinking way, not just at the whim of a dodgy development deal with a few brown envelopes changing hands.

  9. Peter, it is actually quite a lot of them. Things set their own level and, since it is true that numbers attending church have declined, so quite a number of churches in Thanet, from my childhood days, have closed. Those that remain, of whatever denonmination or faith, have their following.

    Your comment about mosques and synagogues is disingenuous for, by using the very term church, I am a christian by implication. Nonetheless I am sure the places of worship of other faiths have their following. Indeed, have not churches in some instances become mosques. Having said all that I have visited such places of worship and I do not consider it hypocritical. It is more about understanding and tolerance.

  10. strange how Anon 14:16 thinks I fail to appreciate open space even with the redevelopment the only part of the park that gets any real use will be the leisure centre. How much open space do we have here in Thanet miles and miles of sady beaches miles and miles of cliff top walks Naturre reserves and parks yet one MODERN hotel and the roof falls in. we have loads of space so dont please ccall me ignorant. Try booking into the travel lodge at Westwood X or the one by the station, Whenever I have tried they are booked and with the Turner opening that will only get worse. Last time friends came to visit the stayed at Whitsables Travel Lodge.

  11. I notice that Don goes all quite at the suggestion of using churches for other purposes (& no bluenose, not all churches in Thanet are doing well).

  12. Why would I go quiet about churches. I would love for a church to be used. I am more concerned with Hartsdown rather than going off on a tangent. Most people I have spoken to think its a good idea only onee has disagreed. But then anon bloggers do often have multiple identities trying to stir up support for a folorn cause.

  13. Don, over 500 people recently signed a petition against it (see link below). Or do you think it was just a few anonymous people with multiple identities?

  14. Peter Most bloggers are and you have suffered from that in the past. If I was to go out and start a petion I could end up with the same people signing for the development. Hartsdown leisure centre is busy but the rest of the park is not. A hotel will be somewhere for visitors to stay and walk through the park and visit Margate, the Turner Centre maybe even take in a show at the Winter Gardens and on the way back stop of and Eat in the old town before heading back though Hartsdown to the hotel and sleep. What I envisage is to promote Thanet to get more people staying here.

  15. Or alternatively they could turn the Fort Hotel & Arcadian Hotel into, erm, hotels...

    No-one's going to stay in Margate overnight just for an art gallery anyway. There was little demand for hotels before The Turner Centre & there's going to be little demand for them afterwards. We might get a few more day trippers, but even that I'll believe when I see it.

  16. Peter, there is demand frequently beyond capacity which is one of the main reasons why Thanet lost its conference hosting status.

    Even on a smaller level, Don is right about visitors struggling to find even a stable. Had a family engagement party last year in October with about thirty people travelling from further afield and really struggled to find B & B accommodation for them all. In the end got the last six accomodated at a seasonally closed guest house whose proprietor opened up especially. She promptly filled her other three rooms as well.

    As to churches, Anon 10:16, I never said they are all doing well, just that they have their following. At many it depends which service you attend and monthly family services frequently get more than others. Then, of course, you need to look beyond the actual numbers sitting in the pews to sunday school, cubs and brownies, Mother's Union, Chat & Char groups and social functions that all make up a church community.

  17. Whether that's true or not the fact remains that (1) It's the wrong place to build hotel, in an area where it will be surrounded by parkland & two story houses (heck, there's even a farm over the road from it), & (2) It's almost certainly illegal to build it there anyway.

    Two better places to build hotels (if indeed they're really needed) are on The Lido site & the old nurses quarters at The Seabathing.

  18. Peter, thinking cap on is called for I think.

    1. If it is illegal to build on the Hartsdown site a visit to the courts will produce an injunction to stop it.

    2. The Sea Bathing nurses home is not owned by the council or Margate FC so it is not an option.

    3. The Holiday Inn out at Manston, formerly the Prospect Inn, is directly adjacent to farmland as are many hotels around the country. It happens so live with it.

    I don't object to you objecting nor question your right to do so, but please come up with some sensible arguments.

  19. "Sensible arguments"? You're the ridicule of all the local blogs Bluenose.

  20. Nice of you to say so, Peter, but at least I keep my clothes on.

    Sad you bhave to resort to personal insults which says little for your wit or case.

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