Saturday, 5 February 2011

Labour grasp anything over Pfizer closures

I just did a google search to see any news about Pfizer and had to laugh at the Telegraphs article about Labour using the closure to have a go at the coalition and David Cameron. I cant believe how low they will go to score political points. Rather than help the thousands of individuals who are about to loose their employment Labour is accusing the PM as if a decision made Thousands of miles away is his fault. I went online to see if there was any positive news but the telegraph yep it is lowercase for promoting such drivel cant be bothered to send its reporters to ask Kent and Canterbury if they are serious about taking the site or sharing it  with others. No the telegraph and labour also lower case now want to wallow in the gloom. Having spoken to my daughter and son in law who work there the fate of those at Sandwich is very up in the air and the decommissioning of the site will take at least the two years announced. In that time we need strong political will from  all parties to help the THOUSANDS affected not beaker and his crew trying to score cheap political points.


  1. The same the world over I guess Don. Political points above the needs of people.

  2. Excellent post Don. Sadly we will not get strong political will from Labour in opposition because their whole approach is negativity towards their political opponents. They are more concerned about return to power than the people they represent.

    Our best chance locally is to retain a Conservative led administration in May to work with a Conservative KCC and the Coalition government. The thought of a Clive Hart led council at daggers drawn with county as well as central government, oh! and Mark Nottingham, is too dreadful to countenance.

  3. Well said Bluenote
    Hart is a disaster, as Leader he hasfailed the socialist cause, Mark N was quite right to expose his Leader and I believe was brave to do so.There is no doubt Mark is an excellent ward Cllr so it would follow that he will not be popular as he is perceived to be threat to the Leader.Its time the Socialist Group realised that the country is in a mess due to Labour Misrule and the best thing they can do at the moment is support the Conservative Group in their endeavours to kick start the Airport and business parks and no more voting against everything because the Politburo in Cliftonville dictate

  4. I feel do so sorry for those people who face the prospect of losing their jobs. Cosidering that over the past decade both central and local government have bent over backwards to accomodate Pfizers, I do sense a feeling of betrayal. Much along the same lines as when Sally pulled out of Ramsgate after receiving so much local government support. Looking back over the past thirty years the industrial decline has been appalling and in each case with each closure the decision has been final. The response from the local political elite has more or less been a shrug of the shoulders simply because they know they can get away with high unemployment levels.
    With this closure there can be no excuses and the ball is firmly in the court of Conservative politicians to come up with a policy for east kent as they have all the political power of government at all levels in this area. So in reality it is down to them to deliver or face the consequences not Labour.

  5. Lots will be affected, but then that has always occurred in east Kent . The question is, how will we bounce back? The truth is we need too. Wallowing in pity has some value, but there is a time to move beyond that and do something about it. Approach those with the financial clout to make a difference. Appeal to their human nature and reset the natural balance. It has happened elsewhere in the UK so why not here?

  6. Whilst agreeing with Tony Beachcomber that much is to be expected of our politicians in seeking to mitigate the effects of the Pfizer closure, it would be nice to hear some support for the cause from Labour.

    Yes, of course, the main responsibility for action lies with the Conservatives at this time, for they are in office, but that does not excuse the behaviour of Labour politicians. Silence from the local Labour leader, accusations of crocodile tears from his deputy and attempts to misplace blame from above.

    Shower is too generous a word to describe them because sometimes a shower makes the flowers bloom. The only thing blooming in Hart's team is egos.


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