Monday, 14 February 2011

Beware of LLOYDS TSB now charges overdraft fee

I have just spent the last hour on the phone to both Lloyds TSB  and the FSB. T he reason being Lloyds are charging a monthly five pounds fee for using a pre arranged overdraft. Last month I paid 79 pence in interest and a five pound charge for using my pre arranged overdraft. Had I gone over the limit of the arrangement I could and would expect to be charged but Lloyds have taken it upon themselves to make this charge. When I called and spoke to a very nice young lady she tells me it was due to the FSA imposing the fee and was to encourage people to save rather than spend. Strange because when I phone the FSA they know nothing about it and have no authority to set charges for banks. I can only assume Lloyds are finding it tough and as they dont have any money to lend small business they are charging me extra so they can save the nation.

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  1. I got out of Lloyds TSB a few years ago. They were fine until TSB "The answers NO, now what's the question" got involved with them. I got 'em back on a penalty charges claim and they asked me never to darken their door again. Believe me, I never intend to!


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