Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Alpha course at Saint Pauls Cliftonville Margate

A few weeks ago I blogged saying Saint Paul's in Northdown Road were to hold an Alpha course at the Church starting on on the 24th of February. Well time has flown and the 24th is in a few days time so I phoned Patrick the vicar and asked how things were going. Patrick tells me that seventy five people have already signed up for the course which kicks off at 7.00pm and the Alpha Supper served at 7.30. I just phoned to confirm the times and Patrick tells me the guests are now up to 86, so I pray the numbers go over the 100 which they were last time I was involved. Alpha for a church is hard work but well worth it as it is a great way of introducing Jesus to people who have no concept of God. Aimed as an introduction to the Church, Alpha is run over ten weeks with a meal and a short talk or film and the a question and answer session. To sign up call Patrick on 226832 or turn up on the night. The only reason we ask for you to sign up is to let us know of numbers as feeding people in those numbers takes a fair bit of organizing

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