Saturday, 29 January 2011

Planet Thanet and Politics

All the Local blogs seem to be alive with the Labour Party infighting and people seem too be spending ages chewing it over. I cant say why people seem so interested it must be the lack of anything else to blog about. I must say I read an article on a Faversham blog which seems to have go un noticed by our local Manston Airport nimby's So much to moan about there and I haven't noticed it mentioned by the local Anti Airport brigade. TDC's website seems to be hard up for news as they are still crowing on about Christmas. All in all Thanet appears to be very quiet. I cant wait for my wife to come home and take me up to see Ross at St.Georges garage so I can talk cars and see some real oily rags rather than read about Thanets slippery characters on the local blogs. Those of you who want to know what the squirell has to do with this is the answer is he has no relevance what so ever.

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